WONDER is a proud supporter of the NATIONAL SAVE MOMS CAMPAIGN

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Early Detection + Intervention = PREVENTION

The Facts

  • 15% of all pregnant women develop unexpected complications that are unpredictable and sudden

  • It is important to know and watch out for the signs and symptoms of what could be an indication of at-risk pregnancy

  • Monitoring vital signs on a daily basis can help to detect potential problems early

  • Promoting the use of remote maternal care monitoring and decision support tools may prevent the loss of a mother

For Patients:

If you are pregnant, there are tools to help you…

(Monitors are free for those who qualify)

REMEMBER: Early Detection + Early Intervention = PREVENTION

For Providers:

PHASE I Assist with the distribution of low-cost clinically validated blood pressure monitors (free for eligible patients) beginning in November 2020. Enrollment is ongoing. Click Contact Us to request posters and patient pamphlets. 

PHASE II Participate in the National Maternal Mortality RPM Demonstration Program and begin remotely monitoring your high-risk pregnancy patients in January 2021. Enrollment is ongoing.

(Qualifying maternal health care providers will receive the WONDER Decision Support Tool and WONDER Mom Kits that include the app preinstalled on compute devices, biometric devices, and a prepaid data plan.)