HRP - A Blend of RPM and Teleconsultations

The Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution by WONDER is a worldly acclaimed breakthrough in the field of healthcare. There always was a question of accessing the healthcare facilities by the maternal patients in remote areas from time to time. And this had been a horrendous effort for the majority and is now seamlessly answered with the help of technology through the initiative by WONDER.   

Enabling technology to protect maternal patients is one of the areas where WONDER has utilized its prime time with the fundamental objective to proactively identify pregnancy risks of the patients to reduce maternal deaths. 

RPM is backed by HP and the likes of its counterparts to come up with a device that works in communication with WONDER’s application to bridge the gap in telemedicine by remotely recording the actual vitals of the maternal patients to deliver utmost care wherever applicable.  

Check out how our HRP solution can help you in addressing the global concern of pregnancy risk.

Manage your Patients & Visits:

  • The tool has its own patient management database that lets you capture all the primary and the emergency contact details of the maternal patients on their first visit to generate UHID.
  • You can also print the patient information in barcodes for further processing as required.
  • After registration, you can record the reason and type of visit from the standard predefined list and schedule the appointment with the respective physician.
  • The tool automatically records the date and time of the visit and keeps track of all the visits.
  • A primary health care provider can also be designated for the patient directly in the tool.

Manage your Assets:

  • For each patient, a device for tracking the vitals will be provided as part of RPM which can be tracked in the WONDER application flawlessly.
  • The devices can be registered in the tool based on its manufacturer, vendor, serial number, etc.
  • No need to worry about the expiry and renewal of the devices as it can also be tracked in the online application.
  • You can always be sure of how many devices are available and in use, and plan your health care accordingly.
  • You can assign a device to a patient based on a unique key generation for tracking, a start date, and the due date.

Consult your Patients:

  • Initial clinical assessments carried out can be recorded in the WONDER application during the patient visit.
  • Using the assessment data, the risk factors can be identified and selected from a predefined set of risks related to maternity.
  • During the telehealth consultation, the care provider can check with the patient on the vitals and the readings from the device and record the health data on the online application.
  • A recommended care plan based on the consultation can be prepared and assigned for the patient which can be tracked during each follow-up.
  • Notes and related supporting documents can be securely added or uploaded into the tool which can be accessed from anywhere at a later point.

Remotely Monitor your Patients:

  • For each of the factors that need to be remotely assessed, as a physician, you can set desirable rules based on consultation in the tool that would alert if the patient’s health does not meet it.
  • These alerts are considered as risks and can be tracked for each patient in a unified dashboard on the online application.
  • You can also narrow down the tracking of patients based on the risk levels identified in color codes and as per the care provider assigned.
  • The dashboard lets to be on top of everything happening by additionally keeping track of the consultation statuses, count of patients and care providers, and pin a patient for extra care.
  • RPM can be configured to your liking on resource availability from the application settings to configure the security, data management, templates, vitals, and other preferences.

RPM fights for the cause of identifying the high-risk maternal patients smartly in advance and providing the extra care they need to ensure a smooth childbirth.

Get in touch with the WONDER team to experience a FREE live demo, and see for yourself how you too can be a part of of this mission!