The "Nurse in the Purse" App

Are you worried that your menstrual cycle might be abnormal? Are you avoiding the alarming health signs that might put you at risk? The WONDER Nurse In The Purse app is designed and developed exclusively by gynecologists and physicians to address your personal health, and even guides you to consult a doctor if a potential risk is found!

WONDER has addressed this significant concern with a simple application that stays with you wherever you go, right in your smart mobile device; a digital nurse who will listen to your troubles and guide you on the next course of action that you must take to protect your health.

“Behind every woman, there is WONDER making wonders!

Empowering women has been a challenge and the most talked about topic of concern everywhere, from podiums to homes. At times, even the fundamentals become a question of accessibility or awareness.

Health is not meant to be secondary, but unfortunately, it is. With women working round the clock either at home or in an office, they can get little time to think about their own health. There is also vividly mounting pressure on topics related to women, thus making them feel embarrassed to talk about their own health.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Stay updated by tracking your menstrual cycle dates with symptoms for smart suggestions.

Mood Monitoring

Keep track of your highs and lows during the cycle for better health predictions.

Record Keeping

Get the summary of your cycle with informative recommendations while consulting your doctor, and look back on past discussions.

Clinical Data Access

Get access to highly credible clinical knowledge to learn more about your health and wellness.

Smart Alerts

Know when to consult a doctor with an automated smart alert from the app based on your cycle risks.

Push Notifications

Get notified to daily update your cycle diligently without any miss.

100% Compliance

The app is HIPAA compliant thus making sure that all your information is stored confidential.

Offline Access

Experience seamless uninterrupted access to the app even without an internet connection.

Motivate the women around you today with our WONDER Women’s Health & Wellness app and help them feel confident about themselves yet again! Consult our experts today to know how you too can take this advanced solution across your communities.


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